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WOHD 2015

WOHD2015bannerweb_v21World Oral Health Day (WOHD) is celebrated every year on the 20th March. It is an international day to celebrate the benefits of a healthy mouth and to promote worldwide awareness of the issues around oral health and the importance of looking after oral hygiene to everyone old and young. It is a day for people to have fun – a day that should be full of activities that make us laugh, sing and smile! Continua a leggere

HNC – January 2015

image21st International Symposium on Tumor-Host Interaction in Head and Neck Cancer in conjunction with the 5th Annual Meeting on Experimental and Translational Head and Neck Oncology
January 22–24, 2015
Essen, Germany

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Extremely positive review

1610830_757901674280768_1213084589476589383_nOn December 9th, the Consortium presented the results of the first year of research to the European Commission in Brussels showing the documentation system, the preliminary genomic signature for OSCC reoccurrence, the upgraded lab-on-chip and the mock-ups of the Virtual Patient visualization tools. Continua a leggere

NeoMark video

video_logo1The EU-funded OraMod project continues the research conducted by the finished FP7-NeoMark that produced a set of prognostic bio-markers and a genetic bio-signature significant for reoccurrence of oral cavity tumours, a disease more frequent and with a very high mortality rate.

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Virtual Physiological Human: the google body concept explained

video_logo1Deciding what treatment to give patients with serious illnesses, organ failure or even genetic disorders can present doctors with great difficulties. Whilst their potential benefits are clear, complex treatments often have both predictable and unpredictable side effects, and so there are always risks attached to any given choice. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) can provide medical professionals with tools to model and predict the effects of different treatment options in individual patients. See the video:  Continua a leggere

Oral cancer day 2014

aaff_logo_wohd_v4OraMod clinicians will participate to the Oral Cancer Day 2014 to inform citizens regarding oral cancer risks and to promote the oral cancer prevention campaign which will involve more than 8.000 dentists and surgeons in Italy only. Continua a leggere